Welcome to the Young Worker Health and Safety Education resource website for Washington State. This site was designed to help prevent Washington's young workers from being injured, harassed, or killed on the job by providing them with information and educational resources.

This site covers basic information every teen or young worker needs to know before they begin working. It also has workplace health and safety curricula and videos developed specifically for teens and young workers.

Using our materials teens can learn information about; workplace hazards, child labor laws and worker rights, injury prevention strategies, workplace communication skills, ergonomics, and sexual harassment in the workplace. The laws reviewed on this site are specific to Washington State.

Curricula available on this site include:

  • General Employment Safety Curriculum for Teens
  • OSHA 10 for Teens
  • Agriculture Safety Curriculum for Teens
  • Culinary Arts Safety Curriculum
  • Workplace Sexual Harassment Curriculum for Teens

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